Concrete & Structures


We have a broad range of expertise in concrete, making us the ideal choice for all your testing requirements. We can perform basic sampling/testing of fresh concrete to much more detailed Structural Investigation works with our scope extending to bridges, culverts, multi-story car parks and high rise buildings to name but a few examples.

Working closely with our approved subcontract testing partners* and utilising their own relevant accreditation’s, we can offer a full range of high quality testing services.

Concrete & Structures
  • Sampling fresh Concrete
  • Making Cubic Specimens
  • Slump
  • Slump Flow
  • Flow Table
  • Air Content
  • Temperature
  • Pull Out Testing of Anchors / Fixings / Re-bar
  • Pull Off Testing – Bond Strength
  • Coring
  • Breakouts
  • Rebound Hammer
  • Location of Reinforcement by Cover Meter Survey
  • Half Cell Potential Survey
  • Resistivity
  • Visual Defect / Hammer Surveys
  • Crack Measuring / Monitoring
  • Sampling Concrete Dust (for Chemical Analysis)
  • Depth of Carbonation
  • Ferroscan

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